Our Method: 10 Technique Fundamentals

Technical knowledge is essential to every players's progression. The following fundamentals will effectively`help you in developing a proper and efficient technique.

1) Grips

Grips can dictate styles of play, however it's/they're needed for a correct technique. Grips control the produced stroke ; contact point, follow-through, stance through the shot, back swing and swing pattern.


2) Rhythm- Timing Tempo

These will allow you to hit the ball methodically giving the impression of being undemanding.

3) Balance

Balance shows the stage of control over the body. The purpose is to have enough stability while performing movements.

4) Coordination

Commonly, coordination describes balance and reaction time,

5) Loading

Elastic energy is generated by loading throughout the phase of action.

6) Forward swing

A proper segmental interaction that conducts energy through the body segments is created by the force and acceleration.

7) Leverage

The racquet is manipulated to win a mechanical advantage over the ball by making the use of a tool to obtain a mechanical advantage over an object.

8) Contact point

A contact with an optimal range of motion has to be established by the players, not too far, not too close. Depending on the grips and on the kind of ball that the opponent is sending, contact point changes.

9) Follow-through

This is the extension of the segmental interaction. The player must have a regular and smooth swing pattern in order to optimize the ideal projection.

10) Action-reaction

A ball hit with sufficient power, that occasions the body to leave the ground for impact needs to be tackled with a stabilizing action.

Tomas Aranguiz Salazar