Rhythm, Timing, Tempo

  • Tempo is the overall speed of the tennis players’ swing. Regardless if the tempo for the swing is fast of slow, the player needs to have a good rhythm in order to have control and power.

  • Timing is the amount of time required to track the approaching ball, the body loading, and to hit the ball back to the other side of the court with balance, control, and power.

  • Using good balance and preparation sets the timing for the rest of the swing, the transition from loading to contact point, allows for a good fast swing, produces a stroke with good rhythm and tempo that will translate into solid timing and well executed shots.

  • A shot with proper timing will appear effortless. Trying to hit the ball harder reduces the efficiency and technique, throwing the timing off.

  • The fast the muscles move, with the most efficient technique, the more force it can produce and with better timing. If the technique is efficient and the muscles are relaxed, the faster the swing can be which allows for better timing and a more powerful stroke.

  • A continuous smooth motion is very important to reate the timing between the loading and the forward swing. The benefit of the elastic energy (loading) is reduced if a delay occurs between these phases. A pause of just none second between backswing and forward swing will cause a loss of 50% of the power.