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We believe champions are not born. They are made. The ability to perform under pressure in a constant manner and achieve ambitious goals doesn’t come from an inherent set of personality traits, but from the mastery of a specific set of skills acquired through years of hard work, dedication under the proper experience guidance, and a positive environment.



What is strategy?

Strategy is the long-term plan during a match. Strategy is based on your style of play as well as your opponent’s.

What are tactics?

Tactics are based on finding the right move at the right moment. Tactics are conditional and opportunistic. They are determined by defense and attack.

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before the defeat.


Key Factors To Victory

  • Extensive Preparation

  • Know yourself and your opponent

  • Learn to handle inferior and superior opponents

  • Focus on the present and presence of mind

  • Keep the intensity during the entire match



Physical Warm-Up (15 Min)

Light jog, resistance band exercises

Point Play & Match Play

Tennis Warm Up (25 min)

Consistency, high-volume of balls. All groundstrokes are incorporated in warm up.

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